Professional Business Plans for Startups & SMEs

Business Plan Writing Services

Why your Company needs Business Plan Writers

– To attract investors

– To secure loans

–  To attract business partners

– To know if your business has potential to generate profit

– To have a roadmap in running your business.

What Kudi Konsult is Offering

-Delivery of detailed, customized and affordable business plan

– Our business plan writers are experts In the field of business analytics, management consulting, accounting, law etc.

– Delivery in 10 working days after execution of our questionnaire and receipt of funds.



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Kudi Konsult is a foremost business writing company in Nigeria.

If you’re an aspiring entrepreneur or a business owner, you know that sooner or later you’ll have to raise capital. There a number of sources that will offer you the funding you need – but they will all require a detailed business plan that explains what your business does, how it generates revenue, a SWOT analysis, and financial projections. Our business plan writers will custom-create the best business plan you need.

Writing a solid business plan requires more than just writing skills. Our business plan writers are domain experts in the field of Business Analysis, Research, and Management Consulting. We are well versed with the concepts of business forecasting, budgeting & business planning, feasibility study, go-to-market strategy, human resource planning, etc. 

We also have access to premium industry reports and business insights and use this to deliver a precise roadmap. Please see below some of the questions we come across in the process of writing business plans for our numerous clients:

FAQs On Business Plan Writing Services

Whats the Process for Business Plan Writing?

  1. We send you a questionnaire designed to get all relevant facts.
  2. You fill questionnaire and send to us via Email or Whatsapp for evaluation. At this stage we may need to contact you to ask all pertinent questions and gather more information.
  3. You pay 75% of the fee to 2032212525 Kudi Konsult Services First Bank.
  4. Upon receiving completed questionnaire and your deposit we deliver a draft for your review within 10 working days.
  5. Following your review, we will revise your business plan and deliver a Revised Draft Copy incorporating your suggestions. Revisions are prioritized by our team and are generally completed in a matter of 3 days.
  6.  You pay balance of 25% and we send Final Copy (Word and PDF format)

How long does it take Kudi Konsult to complete a project?

Every project is different, but generally our write-ups are competed within 7 days after you make payment and return filled Business Plan Questionnaire.

I am in Kano and Kudi Konsult is in Lagos. How can you work on my project?

Kudi Konsult uses a combination of telephone, email, and online meetings to complete your projects in an efficient and timely manner. No face-to-face meetings are really necessary. This is quite common in the industry; you may however wish to send a representative to meet any of our consultants at No 8 Agboyi Road Ogudu Lagos.

My project is small. Do I really need the services of Kudi Konsult?

Absolutely! Every business needs a formidable plan, generally, our clients often find that our services make their businesses more efficient and effective.

Do I have to pay money upfront?

Yes. A project cannot begin without a 75% payment. This helps keep our clients motivated to provide us the communication we need from them, and it keeps us motivated to finish the project quickly so we can receive the balance of our fees.

Balance is payable before we send the final draft.

How about confidentiality?

We will keep it confidential. Moreover, you don’t need to provide too much detail as we only need to understand the nature and industry of your business to understand its complexity.

Looking to elevate your business in Nigeria? Our Business Plan Writing Services offer the clarity and direction you need. With expertly crafted plans, we transform your vision into actionable strategies, paving the way for growth and success. Reach out to us and take the first step in charting a prosperous future for your business

Business Plan Writing Services

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