Obtaining NUPRC (DPR) Permit In Nigeria

DPR NUPRC Permit In Nigeria

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Navigating the complexities of the oil and gas industry in Nigeria requires a thorough understanding of the DPR NUPRC Permit In Nigeria. This essential permit, governed by the Nigerian Upstream Petroleum Regulatory Commission (NUPRC), is a mandatory requirement for any company seeking to engage in upstream petroleum activities. The permit ensures compliance with the national regulations and standards set forth for the safe and responsible operation within the sector.

In this article, we provided information on what you need to know about DPR (Now NURPC) Permit and also the process for obtaining DPR NUPRC Permit In Nigeria

What is DPR License?

This is a license/permit which enables a Company to operate, engage, or render technical services in the Oil and Gas Industry in Nigeria.

Who issues DPR NUPRC Permit In Nigeria?

The Department of Petroleum Resources was responsible for the issuance of License. However this body has been renamed as the Nigerian Upstream Regulatory Commission (NUPRC)

Why do I need DPR License?

If you intend to engage, render, or offer technical services in the Oil and Gas Industry in Nigeria, then obtaining a DPR License is a pre-condition to achieving your dream.

What are the categories of DPR License that I can apply for?

There are mainly 3 categories of DPR license, to wit:

  1. General Purpose DPR License: This category of DPR License covers Minor Supplies, Works (Artisans) and Maintenance services (Artisans) which do not require specialized or certified competence such as the supplies/rendering of minor civil, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, welding, catering materials or services, etc.
  2. Major Category DPR License: This category of DPR License covers more advanced and specialized services and skills such as rehabilitation, upgrade, fabrication works, equipment supply services, consultancy, aviation support, haulage, protocol and logistics, etc. and applicants under this category are required to possess relevant and verifiable technical/special skills.
  3. Specialized Category: This category of DPR License covers highly technical services such offshore and onshore pipeline laying and construction, facility maintenance, major construction, drilling production and dredging, exploration, technical consultancy, and special transportation services, etc. Applicants under this category are required to possess relevant and verifiable technical/special skills.

What category of DPR License do I need for my business?

The category of DPR License suitable for your business depends on the nature of service that you offer.

How do I get DPR License?

To get the DPR license, you have to apply online through the DPR website by providing relevant information about your company like your company name, registered address, contact number, and email address; upload the necessary documents; and pay the requisite application and processing fees.

DPR NUPRC Permit In Nigeria

What Documents to I need to apply for DPR License?

The documents required for DPR License application depends on the category of DPR License that you are applying for. The details are stated below:

For General Category DPR License, the following documents are required:

  1. Certificate of incorporation/Registration
  2. Form CAC 1.1
  3. Company’s current tax clearance certificate and vat certificate.
  4. Employee’s compensation scheme (Nigeria Social Insurance Trust Fund- NSITF)

For Major and Specialized Category DPR License, the following documents are required:

  1. Certificate of Incorporation
  2. Certified True Copy of Memorandum & Articles Of Association
  3. Certified True Copy of Form CAC 1.1
  4. Current Tax Clearance Certificate
  5. Company’s Profile
  6. Comprehensive Staff List & Curriculum Vitae of Key Staff (Should include Position & Qualification of Staff)
  7. List of Equipment/Facility available to the Company
  8. List of approved Expatriate Quota position and their Nigerian understudies
  9. Proposed Training Programme for Nigerian staff for the current year
  10. Registration by Relevant Professional Body
  11. Technical Agreement or MOU with Nigerian company/DPR Accredited Laboratory (where applicable)
  12. Employee’s Compensation Scheme (Nigeria Social Insurance Trust Fund NSITF)
  13. Health, Safety, Environment And Community (HSEC)
  14. Current Medical Retainership Agreement with a Hospital Or Clinic located In Company’s Operational Location
  15. Letter of Accreditation (Laboratory Services)
  16. Inspection of facilities and evaluation report (this is usually conducted at the last phase of the approval process, thus, the applicant company must have physical presence in Nigeria).

Does the above requirement apply to all organizations?

No, Government Agencies and MDAs are excluded from these requirements

How long does it take to process an application for DPR NUPRC Permit Nigeria?

 It takes 72 hours (3 working days) to process an application for DPR License, however, approval for Major and Specified DPR License may take longer period.

Is DPR License valid for life?

No, DPR License valid only for One (1) year, and it can be renewed upon expiration by making an application for renewal via the DPR Website and paying the statutory renewal fees.

Can DPR License be revoked?

Yes,DPR License can be revoked on the directives of the Federal Government where a Company is in breach of any of DPR’s statutory regulatory obligations.

How do I get started with the application process for DPR NUPRC Permit In Nigeria?

At Kudi Konsult, we are highly experienced consultants who are available 24/7 to guide you through the application process. To enable us understand your needs better kindly chat with a Consultant on 0903 408 6536‬ or visit any of our physical locations in Lagos, Abuja or Ilorin.

As you look to establish or continue your operations in Nigeria’s oil and gas sector, the importance of a valid DPR NUPRC Permit cannot be overstated. With our experienced team at Kudi Konsult, securing your DPR NUPRC Permit in Nigeria is streamlined and stress-free. We’re committed to facilitating your compliance with the industry’s regulations, ensuring your business is well-positioned to thrive in this dynamic field.


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