Its Time To Celebrate You

Dear Entrepreneur,
Its time to celebrate you.
Yes, you deserve to be celebrated.

Why you may ask?

Simple answer………..We are celebrating you for being a risk taker.

Entrepreneurship is a game of risks. You can either gain it all or lose it all. You chose to take that risk and more significantly you chose to take that risk in Nigeria.

Doing business anywhere is a risk but doing it in Nigeria is a major risk because you are essentially your own Government i.e
 You provide your own electricityYou provide your own waterYou provide your own securityYou deal with corrupt and oppressive government agenciesYou deal with a slow and sometimes corrupt judicial systemYou pay through your nose for things that ought to be yours by right
And the list goes on

Despite all these, you chose to do Business in Nigeria and this is why you deserve to be celebrated.

Notwithstanding the bad news left right and centre, Nigeria remains one of the places on earth where you can make fantastic returns on your investment and practically overnight. We know for a fact that some businesses are making good (legit) money in this country and the opportunities are endless.

One key problem however is that Entrepreneurs do not have access to information that can help them thrive in this economy. This is why we have now decided to start a weekly series called “Enterprise Zone” with the objective of bringing you tips and information on running a successful business in Nigeria.

What should you expect to get from this weekly series:Business IdeasHow to structure your businessFinancing OptionsTips on sourcing and keeping good staffHow to market to NigeriansHow to sell to the worldTips from people running successful businesses in Nigeria
And so much more….

We promise this would provide key support for the tribe of people that dare to achieve.

We promise our posts will be useful, informative, concise and easy to digest

We promise this series will be worth your time and attention.

To start your week on an inspirational note we leave you with this Music Video from the American singer Pharrell Williams featuring rapper Jay Z . The song is titled “Entrepreneur “and the five-minute video is a story that many entrepreneurs can relate to because we have all faced and overcome the same situations.

Here’s to a productive week. #Thriveandprosper

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