Design Registration In Nigeria

Industrial Designs

Design registration is the process of legally protecting the unique visual appearance or design of an item, ensuring that the creator has exclusive rights to its use and design. This protection helps prevent others from copying or exploiting the design without permission.


As a team of legal experts specializing in intellectual property, we excel in assisting entrepreneurs with Industrial Design registration in Nigeria. We efficiently handle all procedures with the relevant authorities, ensuring your design is protected under Nigerian law.


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Design Registration In Nigeria

FAQs About Filing Industrial Designs In Nigeria

It’s a legal protection for the unique visual appearance of products or parts of products.

Anyone that creates an industrial design that is new and is not contrary to public order and morality.

It covers shapes configurations, patterns, ornament, colors and lines

It grants the owner exclusive rights to the design. It prevents the design from being copied and imitated by competitors.

They include:

A request for registration of the design;

Applicant’s full name and address and, if that address is outside Nigeria, an address for service in Nigeria;

A specimen of the design or a photographic or graphic representation of the design with any printing block or other means of reproduction from which the representation was derived;

An indication of the kind of product (or, where a classification has been prescribed, the class of product) for which the design will be used;

Payment of the prescribed fee

Where the true creator is not the person who filed the application, a declaration signed by the true creator requesting that his name be included in the Register of designs.
A signed power of attorney if it is filed by an agent.

Registration of an industrial design grants the right to reproduce the design in the manufacture of a product, Importing, selling or utilizing for commercial purposes, and holding such product for the purpose of Importing, selling or utilizing for commercial purposes.

The right to a registered design lasts for the period of 15 years but must be renewed every 5 years.

Industrial Design is not categorized under classes but it is categorized under:


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