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Do you need an awesome and coverting website? We can exceed your expectations.

We are a team of professionals with extensive experience  working on web design projects across a vast range of clients, ranging from ambitious start-ups to large influential companies.

We offer quality, affordable web design, website hosting and ongoing support and maintenance of your website.

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FAQs on Website Design In Nigeria

Today, it is very important for a company to be present on the Internet. Suffice it to say that some types of Customers get information, communicate and purchase products and services almost exclusively on the Internet.

Also, a website is a way to provide essential information and presenting yourself on the internet as a company.  In the absence of a (good) website, it can be said that the company practically does not exist for all those people (and perhaps potential customers) who seek information and consult the Net, for example through search engines,

The website is the foundation of everything. It is like the point of reference on the Internet for your visitors and potential customers when it comes to your Company.

Blogs, landing pages, pages on social networks, and so on, represent additional tools (sometimes even important) that normally interact with the already existing company website. In most cases, however, the website has a central and “official” role for your company, and remains so even when additional marketing and/or information tools are used.

The corporate website is the tool to distinguish yourself and communicate exactly with your target audience. It will serve to be found by new customers who search on Google and to present all your strengths.

Certainly NOT. For example, if you have a restaurant, the Facebook page can be useful and economical for communicating an event or for posting photos of the dishes you serve. But have you ever thought about how many people that message will reach? Only to those who have chosen to “Like” your Facebook page, or only to those who have already been a customer. You will never get new customers with just a Facebook page, without making any additional investments.

On average it can take about a month. The time required may vary according to the complexity of the site and the number of pages (and therefore the preparation of the contents).

As many as are necessary. It starts from a minimum of 5 or 6 pages for simple sites such as a restaurant up to several dozen pages for websites that offer a very wide range of products and services. In any case, we will make a preliminary analysis is made and agree with you on the number of pages.

This is one of the most important questions to ask anyone building a website. It is essential to have a strategy to generate traffic to the new site. And it is precisely at this stage that a serious professional makes the difference.

In this case it will be necessary to request the website positioning service on search engines. This service will allow you to find new customers and offer you new revenue opportunities, repaying the investment needed to build the website.

We have 3 website development  packages:

BASIC PACKAGE (Costs N90,000): Domain Name, Webhosting, up to 10 pages, Mobile Responsive, Content Management System (Wordpress)

BUSINESS PRO (Costs 150,000): Domain Name, Web Hosting, SSL (Security) Up to 15 pages, Content Management System (Wordpress)

PROFESSIONAL (Costs N350,000): Domain Name, Web Hosting, SSL (Security) Up to 25 pages, Content Management System (Wordpress), Live Chat, Web Maintenance (12months), SEO Optimization

To get started:

👉🏽We send you a questionnaire designed to get all relevant facts.

👉🏽You fill questionnaire and send to us via Email or Whatsapp for evaluation. At this stage we may need to contact you to ask all pertinent questions and gather more information.

👉🏽You pay 75% of the fee to 2032212525 Kudi Konsult Services First Bank.

👉🏽Upon receiving completed questionnaire and your deposit we send you a link to review your website within 14 working days of payment

👉🏽Following your review, we will revise and incorporate your suggestions where applicable. Revisions are prioritized by our team and are generally completed in a matter of 5 days.

👉🏽You pay balance of 25% and we handover the website.

You will receive a bimonthly report summarizing how many visitors arrived on your website, how they found you, which pages they visited most often, and other aspects that can give you an idea of ​​how your website is performing.

After an accurate exchange of information with the customer, the development of the web project will follow these steps:


  • Preparation and presentation of the graphic draft of the home page of the new website
  • Following the client’s approval, we will proceed with the preparation of all the page structures of which the website will be composed.
  • Once all the pages have been approved, we will proceed to the programming phase, where the website will be made dynamic and connected to a control panel.
  • The phase that precedes going online is the one linked to data entry, where the contents will be inserted into the website.
  • The site goes online! But only after approval and full customer satisfaction.

Yes, we can but this will be at a fee

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