What’s My USP?

Dear Entrepreneur, Whatever your business is, someone else is doing it as well, and how well you stand out from the crowd determines your company’s


5 Tools To Scale Your Business

Whether you’re a full time entrepreneur or a freelancer with a flourishing side gig, your business will have to cover several bases. Apart from selling


How To Sell To Nigerians

Dear Entrepreneur, I recently read Akin Alabi’s book on How To Sell To Nigerians and I must say this is a book that anybody serious


How To Get Customers For Your Business

Dear Entreprenur Who is a Customer? A Customer is any person or organization who might have interest in buying, or has bought, products or services from a


The A-Z Of Taxation In Nigeria

Taxes are levies imposed by the Government for the development of infrastructure. In Nigeria, there are various legislations and institutions regulating the tax system in