How To Register An Imported Product With NAFDAC

How To Register An Imported Product With NAFDAC

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One of the key players ensuring the safety and quality of imported goods in Nigeria is the National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control, or NAFDAC. This agency makes sure all imported items, from food to medical devices, meet the country’s safety requirements. NAFDAC product registration is not just a suggestion, it’s a requirement and forgetting or overlooking it could land your goods in the confiscation zone, or even lead to legal issues that no business wants to face. But don’t worry, our aim is to help you grasp this process. We’re here to break down the steps and requirements needed for registering imported products with NAFDAC, making it easier and more manageable for you. If you’ve been searching for “how to register imported product with NAFDAC”, stick around. This simple guide is your path to navigating the ins and outs of importation in Nigeria.

Steps & Requirements For Registration Of Imported Products

The process of registration for NAFDAC’s permit are in two stages and they are;

  1. Application for approval to bring in samples.
  2. Application for full registration of products.

A. Application For Approval To Bring In Samples

This is applicable to goods manufactured outside Nigeria i.e. imported goods or products. A foreign company must present samples of its goods for inspection in order to be registered. However, it is impossible to bring such samples into Nigeria without the required authorization. NAFDAC provides importers with an import permit to make product samples available. Additionally, the Manufacturer and other appropriate bodies in the country of origin must be contacted for the paperwork needed for clearing and taking delivery of samples:

Steps to Take

  1. Write an application letter to NAFDAC stating your intention to register the imported product and providing details about the product. The letter should mention the product name, description, dosage form, ingredients, and manufacturer details.
  2. Obtain the application form online and submit relevant product information and documents along with the application letter, including:
  • Power of Attorney/Contract Manufacturing Agreement
  • Product label and packaging samples
  • Product analysis report
  • Certificate of Manufacture and Free Sale
  • GMP certificate of the manufacturing site
  • Notarized declaration form
  • Evidence of Business Incorporation of the importing company with the Corporate Affairs Commission in Nigeria.
  • Evidence of Registration of Brand Name with Trademark Registry in the Ministry of industry, Trade and investment.
  • Label or artwork of the product
  • Letter of Invitation for Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) Inspection including the full name and address of the facility.
  • Payment of prescribed fees

3. After submission and vetting of the above documents, an import permit will be issued. This permit will authorize the importers to bring in the samples of the product for the full registration.

NAFDAC Registration In Nigeria

B. Application for Full Product Registration

The process involves:

  • Product submission for laboratory analysis. Laboratory samples are provided following the successful review of product labels.
  • Payment and verification of the prescribed fee
  • Products are presented for approval meetings after satisfactory documentation review, satisfactory GMP of the production facility, and satisfactory laboratory analysis of the product.
  • For product labels that have issues with compliance, compliant artworks may be submitted along with a letter of commitment from the manufacturer (promising that the commercial products will be compliant).
  • For products approved at the meeting, the applicant receives a notification of registration or listing, and a compliance directive is issued for products not approved. Once NAFDAC approves the application, they will issue a product registration number which must be affixed to the product before it can be legally imported and sold in Nigeria.

Parting Thoughts

Registering products with NAFDAC may seem tough, but following the steps in this article can help. By making sure your products meet NAFDAC’s safety rules, you can start importing goods into Nigeria easily. Following these rules is key to entering the Nigerian market and helping the country’s economy grow. So, if you’ve been searching for “how to register imported product with NAFDAC,” this article is your answer. We hope this guide has made the process easier to understand and gives you the confidence to get started.

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