Patent Registration

Innovations and Inventions are classified as critical assets of a Company and it is now established that a nation’s growth rests on the number of significant patent granted.

A Patent is the right that is awarded to a person for a new invention or technology which had never existed before. Benefits of registering a Patent include:

  • Consolidate a Strong market position.
  • Provide new Revenue streams through the licensing or sale.
  • Gain investment funds to develop and market new products.
  • Increase in negotiating power through cross licenses or Joint Venture agreements.
  • Provide the basis for a company culture based on innovation, brand presence and design.
  • Provide a positive image to potential investors, customers, manufacturers and distributors
  • Attract and retain key personnel enabling new products to be developed further.

Kudi Konsult offers affordable and efficient patent drafting and registration services to numerous businesses across sectors.

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